Talking about relationships, Dillimall has been selling Air Conditioners for over a decade. We have ample expertise in selling ACs owing to our tie-ups and associations with a variety of OEMs like O’General, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Blue Star, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, Voltas, Super General and more, who are known for being the best Air Conditioner brands, not only in India but across the world. In fact, this strong association allows us to gather unique insights of what the market actually wants and hence, apart from curating a wide range, Owing to this you can easily explore the catalogue and buy an Air Conditioner online, but we recommend it is best to experience it in store through one of our representatives to ensure you get the right one.

So, what makes an Air Conditioner the best ?

Indeed, this is totally emotional to every individual, house or geographic area. What might be most appropriate for one, may not really be an insightful decision for the other. Some may esteem cost while some others may zero in on highlights. However, to separate this and help you, how about we comprehend the types of Air Conditioners.

Broadly, Air Conditioners are categorized as Window ACs or Split ACs. These are the two most commonly known types. But there are actually many others that are lesser known, like Portable ACs (a suited up version of Air Coolers), Cassette ACs, Tower or Floor Standing ACs, VRV ACs, FCU ACs, and more. Along with this, another important aspect is its tonnage. The tonnage determines how much air an Air Conditioner can treat in a room within an hour. Which is why for smaller rooms, you may look for an AC that is 0.5 Ton to 1.5 Ton in capacity while for a larger area you should look for ACs that have a capacity of 1.5 Ton to 3 Ton or more. But this may also vary based on which floor you live on and the direction of the room.

All that is fine, but what about technology ?

The core function of any Air Conditioner is to maintain a desired room temperature. This is achieved by some of the core parts of an AC which are the compressor, condenser coil, and refrigerant. It is important to opt for a Copper Condenser as it has a longer life, it is tougher and can also be welded compared to an Aluminium Condenser. An Air Conditioner is also usually power hungry, which is why, you need to pay close attention to its power consumption & star ratings because they define how light these machines would be on your pockets. For example, a 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton AC with a 5 Star rating would consume lesser power than the same one with a 4 Star or a 3 Star rating. While this may seem little, considering the impact it has on price, in the long run, this results into huge savings.

Lately, several manufacturers have also attempted to grow with technological advancements to bring about a much needed refresh to this ever so stagnant category. This endeavour brought about Inverter ACs that have instantly become the new buzz in the market.

Wondering what are Inverter ACs ?

The new feather on the cap of this category, an Inverter AC is one of the most recent and the most logical advancement of technology. Where a non-Inverter AC would maintain temperatures by running its motor at full speed or minimum speed, consuming more power over-all, an Inverter AC has a variable speed motor that maintains a constant speed based on the desired temperature only to use as much power as needed. This also enables them to have an increased cooling capacity as well as increased power saving abilities. It is important to note that this difference in power consumption is noticed when using an Inverter AC for longer hours.

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Blue Star 3 Star Split AC (2023 Model, Copper Condenser, Dust Filter) Self Diagnosis, Auto Restart with Memory Function
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